Models Own Highlighters Have Me Glowing!

Models Own Highlighters Have Me Glowing!

Well I am impressed, Models Own come thruuuu! A couple of months ago I attended an event and recived some googdies from Models Own. Lately a few of their products have been in my main makepup bag and a regular use and that is their hightlights! Power and liquid, both popping!

I will list all the details you need to know about these products. I like them as they are drugstore, affordable good products.


We have colours GOLDEN SAND 01 & PEARL PEACH 02.

Golden San 01 is great for a glowy look and very pigmented. I use this powder more for an evening look as it add that glowy sparkle!

Pearl Peach is great when you are ding like a pick makeup look this is a great hightlighter to add to match your look. I dont really like when my make up is light and pink and hen i have gold bright highther but this one is perfect. For us black gils it s not so white or grey.


These two powder hightlighters can both be purchased online or in store and are going at a retail price of £8.99


We have colours LUSTER 03 and BRONZE GLOW 04

Luster 03 is the colour i have been using a lot lately. More during the day when i do more natural makeup or i dont have much on my face at all. A few pump and i rub it into my skin in all the areas i would normally use a powder hightlight. it really does give that inner natural glow look and even better when paired with a powder hight light for that extra pop.

Bronze Glow 04 is a bit dark for but i know once i catch mre of the sun this summer i will probably moved onto that clour. It will do the same effects to someone of a ddarker tone than me!



Let me know in the comments below if you have used these products and what Models own products you have!

Love Yv