MUSE Collection: Prototype Has Arrived!

MUSE Collection Prototype Has Arrived!!Firstly, I am so happy writing this post right now and what a great way to be back writing with something I’m so happy and excited to write about. My great friend has finally created and launched her first womenswear fashion collection and what a fabulous collection it is ladies and gentlemen!

I am pleased to introduce to you all: MUSE first collection: Prototype 

MUSE is a womenswear fashion brand that is designed to celebrate women. Merging high standards with sexy, simplistic styles creates the brand. It may be unconventional or inspired by difference but it has been brought light, whatever sparked your creativity doesn’t matter, what does, is that you discovered it. 

Each garnment is handmade in London, UK and designed by Mina Lucky


For the whole MUSE collection: Prototype and purchases you can check out her website MUSE.

Make sure to follow her and keep up with all of what Muse has to offer here.

I am so proud of you Mina and I can’t wait to see the next Autumn/Winter collection!

All of her details can be found below:

Instagram: MUSE Studios

Creator:Mina Lucky 

Love Yv ,