What Are Your 2018 Goals?

What Are Your 2018 Goals?

Firstly I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! It has been a while and so much has changed in my life I wouldn’t even know where to start, but this isn’t that sort of post today.  I really wanted to talk about some tips I have learnt and how we can achieve our goals. I don’t mean the material stuff but the goals, dreams, aspirations. Long term. I’ve come to a stage in my life where I have had to revaluate the woman I want to become. What actually matters to me. The things I can live without and start to priorities what is important, what my goals are. What I really want and where I want to be, also wat is my passion and how can I do that for living, whatever it may be. Now that sounds like a lot of things right? Well it is, however once you identify what you want the next steps would be to structure a plan of the steps, changes you have to take to get to the finishing line. What am I going to do to get to this? , What work do I need to put in to achieve this? How can I improve my knowledge on it. These few factors will help you structure a plan/ steps towards your goal.

For example your passion could be something within fashion but you’re currently working a full time job in an office, good money but no relevance to your passion and very time consuming. One way for you to have enough time and energy to put towards your goals would be considering about changing you  work profession and aim it towards something in the fashion industry or of relevance to what you enjoy and your passion, your craft. This still gives you a good balance as you will still be working which will be you an income as well doing something you enjoy in an environment where you can learn every day. You will be gaining more knowledge as you will be with similar people who enjoy what you are doing or in the same industry. This is you helping yourself and this is one thing I have realised that no one will help you but yourself. No one will get that job, but you! No one will get you to your goals and dreams but you, and that can sound a bit daunting but the end result will be so worth it , all that hard work would have paid off because YOU did it & that’s the best feeling.

(I’m kinda not sticking to a story here but it’s literally what’s in my head now!)


I’m just in a place where I’m ready to 100% commit to my dreams and goals and when I see people doing what they love and putting the hard work in, it motivates me. Always remember to congratulate and celebrates those doing good things around you and yourself,  no matter how big or small, it’s an accomplishment and you had to put in work for to see a good result which you can only do , no one else!

I’m going to post a few of my goals below which I want to keep up with you guys. Usually when I write things I want to accomplish on my blog I do it!! So fingers crossed.

I’m going to also list some good tips to structure achieving your goals and identifying what steps are needed to move forward.


  1. Stay consistent with my blogs, my brand, and my aim for all of this and to stay on track. Let’s start off with minimum one blog post a week. #TheLifeOfYv
  2. Pick a motivational book to start reading and share tips and knowledge with you all through blog posts.
  3. Try things by myself (going to restaurants going to the cinema, going to events) this is something which i feel will help me to enjoy my own company and get to know myself again & also socialise with new people
  4. Attend someone new events once a month to show support and share with you all.  This is important to me as I love celebrating and encouraging people to do what they love, whatever it may be.
  5. Learn the piano as i want to add a new skill to my life.

When setting your goals and tryng to make a plan, if you try to remember these 5 tips and apply them, I am sure this will help you. S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Specific – It is clear (specific) so you know exactly what needs to be achieved for you to get to your goal.

Measurable – You can tell when it has been achieved (measurable) because you have a way to measure completion. How long will it take for you to complete a task until you can move onto the next? Time plan it across days, weeks, months.

Achievable – Is it achievable? Are you able to do the things to get the results you want? Are you able to specify the thing needed to do them in the time frame which you planned to achieve the goal.

Realistic – Are you able to do all of the above and reach your goal. Before setting the goal, take into account to ensure that the objectives are realistic. If you are short on time, money, knowledge within a short period your goal/ result will seem unrealistic.

Timescale – Finally the timescale element provides a deadline by which the goal needs to be achieved by. It should help you focus on the tasks required to achieve the goals. The timescale element provides a useful progress check throughout the ‘grind’ and should help stop you from postponing what you have planned to ensure good results.

img_7240Jacket: YatubaCoutre Top: New Look, Jeans: Topshop, Boots: New Look,
Choker: Primark

I’m so sorry for the long post guys. I got carried away but I felt good to get it off my chest and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know in the comments below some of your goals and things you want to achieve which we can keep u together. I would love to support! Make sure to have a good year!!!

Yv x