What I’ve Learnt This Month – October


Trusting in God

This month I have learnt that God has got us. What I mean by this, is that only relying on God and trusting in him is soooooo important. Making sure that you pray and talk to him EVERYDAY and thank him for all the good and bad is so what we need to do. God already has a plan for us and has our journey mapped out, all we have to do is trust and believe in him. Thank him for everything and make sure you are being the best person you can be and to continue trying. If you don’t try and work hard for yourself, why should God give us the blessings he already has instore for us. This is a journey I have been on the last couple of months and practising talking to God before anyone else. Waking up every day and thanking him for the good and bad because it’s all lessons which can only help and benefit ourselves to become a better people. We need to trust in him and cater to him through pray and worship for us to receive our blessing.

Making a plan and sticking to it!!

I’ve never really been the type pf person to work to a plan or should I say stick to it or follow it through lol. I’ve always been spontaneous and like to go with the flow or make decisions of how I feel at the time. That is not rational. Growing up I’ve come to realise that making a plan, even if it is a short term one , which I find is better sometime is a good thing. Tell yourself you are going to achieve something next month, you then have a whole month to work hard towards that goal. Make a mood board which things you want to achieve, write down words and stick it on that board so that every morning you wake up and see them. I find visuals work good to achieving things. Make a timeframe on when you want that achievement or item and work hard and save until that date/end of the month. This makes life so much easier and through that you feel yourself being more productive with your day you’ll find yourself achieving more which is a great feeling.

Not letting those who doubt you, stop from what you are doing …

I am someone who believes anything is possible, if you work hard for it and trust in God. Firstly you need to remove all negativity and focus on the end goal. If your “friends” don’t support or encourage you in what you want to achieve, they’re not your friends. They’re associates, that the categories I put them in anyway. They’re ones who are there for a good time but not a long time. If your truly passionate in something and the people around you don’t seem to be on the same page, don’t let that discourage you , or think you’re not capable because you are. And remember the only person that is going to get you to that finishing line is YOURSELF.

Thanking your loved ones

I’ve had so much love and support the last few months as I’ve been going through some things and you really get to see who is there to support you. There to give you advise and help guide you through the hard time and also there to celebrate the good times. We all know that feeling when you tell someone some good news and they just don’t seem interested what so ever. Those people are no good for you because when you need them through the bad times, there nowhere to be seen. These may be the people who just want to go out with you but actually care what’s going on deep down. Make sure to thank those that you feel are there for you. Make sure your showing them the same support, encouragement and love that you receive. Check up on them regularly, ask them how they are and how things are going. Even how’s your day been?  goes a long way.      SHOUT OUT TO MY LOVED ONE ❤

and the last one for today …


This is something I can’t stress enough and will always talk about. We are in a generation, where any idea and dream is possible. Most things are a job nowadays. Working in a place where it doesn’t spark no creativity for yourself, just getting on with life as it passes you by and doing something you don’t enjoy is not the way forward. Don’t get me wrong, we all need money to survive but you need a purpose in life, don’t just stay there and get comfortable because it’s easy because that’s boring. You don’t want to look back on your life and thought “I wish I done that “Make your one life count. Do something you have a passion for and do what makes you happy. Don’t ever give up. If you have determination and drive you will make it. God can’t give you your dreams if you don’t work hard for it. You won’t get that promotion unless you work for it, if that what you want. You won’t be successful in your field of work without hard work and dedication. That includes building your knowledge on that thing and bettering your craft, whatever it may be.

Thank you so much for reading, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post like this. I’m coming back round to what I love writing about and the thing I enjoy and this is one of those things. Sharing my thoughts and being able to help and motivate people. I like celebrating things of other no matter how big or small because that should encourage you to do well as well. Celebrating someone else’s achievement and hard work only invites more blessing to you.


Let me know in the comment below some things you’ve learnt last month and some short terms goals you’ve set yourself. I would also like to know some things you’ve felt good about this month.


With love, Yv x