Yv takes London Fashion Week! 

Heeyyy Guys ,

London Fashion came for the second and final time this year and I got to experience it first hand. Today’s post, I will be showing you some of the collection pieces from the shows I watched and their themes. I will be doing a post this week on all the hot London fashion week street styles, and where you can find some of these outfits. If I was to put it all in this post, y’all will be reading for ages.

I was so happy that I got the chance to actually go and experience it for myself . I was out of my comfort zone a little, but totally in my elements with creative like minded people like myself from all different places around the world doing something different and I total loved it .


ROHMIR SS18 Sparkling Collection 



Designer – Olga Roh 

The beautiful, sophisitcated collection “Sparlking” remained simple but very classy with a colour palette of mainly cream and navy blue. These ready-to-wear pieces were inspired to capture the classic Italian look.


SEMIR x GreenCode SS18 Starwars Collection



Mens and Womenswear collections was put together as a collabration Semir x GreenCode with their inspiration of streetwear and Starwar. Their colour theme was very basic with pops of colours like yellow, blue and red to capture the two fushions of styles together. This was my favourite collection of the day.


Fju Talents

  • Ina Hsu


  • Shin Luen Liou


  • Shun Yu


  • Yu Mei Huang



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Thank you so much guys for reading. Let me know in the comments below if you attended London Fashion week this year and what shows you attened. Also let me know your favouite collection.

With Love, Yv x