Grey Hair Review

As some of you may know from Instagram and SnapChat I now have grey hair. Some of you may be thinking, grey hair!!. Why that colour? Would it even suit you? Well I didn’t really think about all of that. I just thought I wanted to be a mermaid on holiday lool. Today I’m going to talk about where I ordered the hair from and my first impressions on when I got the hair.

I order my hair from a website/app called- DHgate. I had to look through so many different vendors and read many reviews for about 2/3 weeks straight as I was not in the mood to spend money for the product not be up to scratch. 

What I Ordered

I ordered a 360 frontal ( and for those who don’t know what a frontal is, it is the front of your hair and it allows me to part the hair anywhere I want which goes all around my head. I can do different styles like a high ponytails and will look like the hair is coming straight from the root)

3 bundles – 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and my frontal was 18inch ( to be honest I wanted 26 inch maybe even 28 inches as I wanted it to be long so I could capture the mermaid look.)

I do feel as though they gave me 20inch and two bungles of 24inches but I guess the different of two inches is not a lot.


How Long It Took

It took about 3 days to process after I purchased the hair and a week after that I received the hair.

First Impressions

The bundles of hair were very thick which I was happy with as normally the longer the bundle of hair, sometimes it’s thinner. The frontal I was not so happy with as the ends were very dry and frazzled. I could also smell product on the hair as this was not it’s normal colour.

The wave pattern was lovely as I ordered body wave. The hair was bouncy and silky.




Due to the smell and the texture of the frontal I had to do a quick rinse and condition it over night. Once I did this the hair was even softer and the frontal was not dry at the ends anymore.


  • Quick shipment ( considering it was from China )
  • Sliky texture on bundles
  • No shedding
  • Thick bundles


  • 360 frontal dry
  • A chemical smell on hair like the bleach or dye
  • No communication from seller.


Over all I was just excited for my hair to come as it was for my holiday which was only a week around the corner. My first impressions overall were okay. I wouldn’t give them 5 stars as I feel as though I could have received a better frontal and the lengths could have been better but quite true to length. With communicating with the seller I feel as it was poor. Before I purchased the hair, I had messaged the seller and did not receive a response. When I then purchased the hair I messaged the seller again  and still no response. This is a major error for me as if I needed to change address or their was an issue the seller would not respond to me. Based on first impressions I would give the hair a 7 out of 10 due to the nice texture of the bundles but the dryness of the frontal.




Let me know in the comments below if you would ever order grey hair or dye your own hair grey. What colours you have gone and what sellers you use which are good.


With Love, Yv