Yv Takes Cape Verde!


Hey Guys ,

I am backkkk! I’m so excited as I’ve just recently returned back from a beautiful holiday and just trying to get into a good routine for myself.  As some of you may know I visited the beautiful island, Cape Verde which is off the northwest coast of Africa. I went on the trip with two of my friends from university. It was something we had planned for a while and it would have been our first holiday together after being at university together.

Our hoilday was booked for 7 nights, staying at the beautiful Crioula Club Hotel and Resort in Santa Maria all inclusive and we was more than ready for it.

​Some things we got up to on the island was quad biking, going to the beach and interacting with the locals who were the friendliest people, so welcoming and more than happy to help with anything.


There was so much which we did and saw, this blog post would be about 5 pages long if I wrote it all. I would defiantly recommend visiting Cape Verde but I would suggest in a couple of years as it’s an island which is still being developed with so much potential. There are so many water sports to do to fill and week or two , bars, restaurants and local parties which were all very entertaining.


Look out for my Cape Verde Swimwear Haul coming soon as I purchased some really nice pieces at affordable prices.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever visited Cape Verde, or if you would like to go. Let me know what holidays you’ve been on recently, I would love to know.

With Love, Yv x