As you can tell by the title, I will be visiting Cape Verde and I’m so excited. I will be atteding this trip with my two good friends from university ( it is possilbe to have real friends from unviersity, trust me ) .

I will be travelling there in less than a month now. This post is just a quick one on how I’ve been preparing for the holiday, some fashion inspos and what I’m planning on doing in Cape Verde.



I have been eating much healthier, looking after my skin and going to the gym. Although this is in preparation for my holiday this is always because I want to do these things and take time for myself to make sure I look and feel good.

What I want to do in Cape Verde…

I really just want to relax with my girls, enjoy the constant lovely weather with no worries. I want to go out and explore the villages and go into their local towns and embrace their culture. I also want to do all the water sports like jet skiing etc and maybe also experience an night out at a bar.


Fashion Inspo…

Whilst preparing for this holiday, I have been browsing through all the online stores on the internet. I haven’t acutally bought anything for holiday yet, and it approaching quite fast but I have been seeing what’s out their and the current trends. I’m trying to see what kinda of look and trend I want to go for on holiday. Here are a few holiday looks from some online stores I’ve come across.



Let me know what holidays your going this year and what summer fashion trends are your fav.

With Love, Yv x