Healthy Life vs Fatty Life

Hey guys ,

Today’s post is all about how the last two months or so I’ve changed my lifestyle and my bad eating habits (Mcds is still in the equations on a cheat day) lool .


Fatty Life 

Looking back I can name this period of my eating life fatty. My weeks use to consist of work, fatty foods and sleep. That was literately me week in week out. This was the period of time where I was trying to get my life in order, make a structure as i wasn’t feeling myself , down all the time etc. I believe this all adds to being in a negative space and eating junk food. No exercise was involved apart from walking to and from my car lol . My fatty food diary consisted of …

  • Mcds
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • Carbs ( a lot of rice )
  • Chocolate ( which I never use to like but I blame working in an office )
  • Late night snacking on biscuitss, picking out if the pot leftover dinner , crisp and more

One day I just thought that’s enough now Yv, there’s enough food to go round and also the fact that my holiday was approaching &&&& I had put on weight ( you know it’s true when your close friends start telling you lol).

I decided to sign up to the gym again and change my eating habits. I always thought it was all about the gym but still ate this crap food and wondered why I didn’t see any difference, and when I did see a slight change I would stop going to the gym and that had been my cycle for about 2 years now. Well I was so over that lifestyle.

Bye bye takeaways, junk food and the delicious bonofee pies which I could finish to myself … Hello

Healthy Life

I know what you all must be thinking, if you’ve been doing the same sh*t and then just gave up, what’s different now ?

Well this time it’s for me. It’s because I want the better looking and healthier version of Yv. I want to feel good and look it. Other than body and health wise I do it for my piece of mind aswell. In the gym I feel as though I can put all my worries, frustration and stress out on the gym. It’s time with myself to think things through, reflect and sort out moves for my life, just like I plan what kinda session I’m gonna have, same thing really. Working towards something I want and finally seeing results and sticking to it is whats’s it all about & that’s key, sticking to it. When your working towards anything and you see the good results, it’s a great feeling and accomplishment and if you carry on, do more,you’ll only get better results. (Soz I went off topic there lol back to the food)

So my new healthy diet consist of a lot more vegetables, fruits, gallons of water , chicken, eggs, sweet potatoes and more.

Some of this might not sound the tastiest, having the same kinda meals day in and day out but it’s all about the way you cook it and what you pair your meals with. I try and have a bit of protein, carbs and veg in all my main meals and no carbs after 8pm.


Well lets hope I stick to it this time because I’m really not in the mood to go back to that unhealthy sad lifestyle. So far so good. I’m seeing so much improvements in my skin, body, mood and more & I’m in a happier place. Let me know some healthy foods/snacks you enjoy.

With Love Yv, x