Bloggers Awards,2,3,4!!

Hey guys, as you may have noticed I disappeared for a bit but now I’m back and just trying to catch up with everything. I was so happy when I received three more bloggers awards a while back. Things like that make me so happy that I blog and people like my stuff. It’s motivating and keeps me going.

My Nominators were- 

  • The Awesome Blogger Award-  Lauzies Lifestyle

    The life of YV – “One of the first bloggers to follow me! Lifestyle, fashion and inspiration. There is a rawness and honesty to her writing which is refreshing and very motivating. The kind of blog that empowers you after reading.”

  •  The Blogger Recognition Award Grace Bevan
  • Sunshine Blogger Award– Sarah’s Cup Of Beauty 

Thank you so much ladies, it’s really appreciated. As there is so many questions and then for me to ask questions for my nominees I’m just going to take a few questions from each award and answer them below.

  1. How My Blog Started-

    Originally I wanted to get into YouTube. This was something I wanted to do for ages as I thought it would be fun and I thought I had the personality for it ( not meant to sound big headed lol). My only issue was the thought of people actually seeing me and just being nervous and scared to be honest. This was my issue, and still is , so then I thought about blogging. All my ideas I thought of, I decided just start and do it through blogging and see how it goes. I sat on  on the idea for a while and one day I was tired of just imagining and thought let me just make my website. That’s it basically in a nut shell… The Life Of Yv was born.

  2. What makes you follow a blog or social media account?

    Their content. How it is presented and if I feel like I can relate to what their writing about. One thing with me is that I can lose interest in something quite quick if I am not interested, intrigued, inspired, fascinated etc. With a blog, I have to feel as though the writing post is almost like a conversation and relate able. Not long winded ( even though this blog post will be lol sorry). Something which is eye catching, like a title, images etc.

  3. Name the three biggest pieces of advice you could ever give

    – Stay true to yourself always and in everything you do. Trying to be like everyone else is another job in itself and boring. No on likes a sheep lol.
    – Do what makes you happy and do it for yourself. You are the most important person and we all deserve to do what makes us happy.
    – Stay consistent with whatever your doing. Don’t ever think any dream is too big. Believe in yourself and work on your craft no matter what it may be. Know that anything is possible and you will make it.

  4. Where would you like to be in five years time?

    I will be in a different country or traveling the world, happy, wealthy and living the life I’ve always dreamed of  🙂

  5. What’s the biggest beauty mistake you have ever made?

    I would say back in the day not being able to match my conceler and foundation to my skin tone. My foundation would either be too dark for me and my conclear/ under eye highlight would be too bright. I mean we all have to start from somewhere lol, and I don’t even wan to mention what my eyebrows looked like hahah

  6. How would you define success?

    Being happy with where you are in life and what you are doing. If you are happy then that’s the best feeling and everything runs more smoothly. When I’ve reached a happiness where I’m doing what I love for myself and me and my loved ones are good, I think then hat would be my start to being successful. I’ll let you know when I get there.

    Thank you all so much for reading and another massive thank you to my nominators. Make sure to go and check out their blogs guys. I would love to know your answer to one of my questions so leave your answers in the comments below.

    With Love, Yv x