What I’ve Learnt This Month- April!


This month has been a quiet one for me on the blog. No matter what my mood is I always try and upload a blog a week but I’ve been slacking a lot this month. Sorry about that guys but I’m going through something. I don’t know how to describe it. I’m in a point of my life where I just been taking time for myself and trying to figure out my next move. I have a lot of interesting things coming up which I cant wait to share with you all and I’ve just been working a lot. Recruitment life is basically a 24hr job. Here today I’m here to share a few things I’ve learnt this month, I hope you enjoy.



This month I realised I don’t have enough patience and this is not patience with other people (which I don’t have a lot of anyway lool) but more patience with my life. When I think of my next steps in life e.g. a new job, new car etc. I want it to happen asap. When I’m planning something like and event or something else and planning is not going right I get frustrated and upset with myself why things aren’t going right now and usually give up. This is why they say patience is a virtue. This month I’ve really tried to be patience with all things I’m doing and planning. I need to be patience and know that it will happen for me eventually and we never know when eventually is so I just need to take time and let everything happen when they are meant to. I shouldn’t worry about having a new car because when I get one which I will,  I’m going to enjoy it so much knowing that I took time and saved for it all by myself. There’s so many things which I could be doing but are sometimes I will  rush it because I want it now and it’s not the same as if I just took time. They do say good things come to those wo wait and I’m ready to wait for all the brilliant things to come.

Living in the moment

So many great things happen to us on a daily basis no matter how big or small and I feel as though we never get time to appreciate what we’ve done/ accomplished and we just move onto the next thing. Living in the moment is so important because this should be the time we enjoy what’s going on in our life’s. Celebrate achievements which you know you’ve worked really hard for whether it be your education, passing a driving test, getting your dream job or saving to go to a luxury destination. You did it by yourself, celebrate yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments and live in the moment because time goes by so fast that we get caught up and don’t realise we have so many happy, good moments going on at present. I’m defiantly trying to practise this moving forward.

Comparing Yourself

DON’T DO IT!!  This is most of ours downfalls, well defiantly mine. When I left university and was trying to figure out what my next steps were, I was comparing myself to my peers a lot. What cars they had, the jobs , that half of them were doing something like education or working and I wasn’t. This was my negative blockage. This is what stopped me growing as a person and achieving my own goals as I was trying to be like everyone else around me. Comparing yourself to others is a negative thing and you all know I hate anything negative. Positive crew over here !!! The reason I say it’s negative is because your not benefiting yourself in any way. You stop your mind opening up to other possibilities of what you want. Your creative juices are not flowing as your trying to copy others idea or what their doing. In reality your trying to be other people and spend so much time and effort trying to compete when you should only compete with yourself. Compare yourself to the old you. This is the best thing as it helps with your growing process and allows us to be better. Too much time and effort is spent comparing yourself to other and wanting to be them when your just good the way you are.


Let me know your thoughts and some things you’ve learnt this month.

With Love, Yv