March Favourites

Hey Guys, here are some of my favourite products in March and some of my favourite moments. Even though this wasn’t my favourite month, some great things happened which I would love to share and that I need to remember. Hope you like it.


  • Lumiere Lux – “Drama Lash”

These beautiful lashes were sent to me by a company off Instagram, Lumiere Lux. These have been my go too lashes this month. Don’t get my wrong they are quite dramatic but that’s what I love about them. 3D lashes, really full and fluttery. I would say this is more of a night lash. So they would be better when your going out in the evening as they are dramatic, (hense the name ) and really stands out. You can wear them in the daytime as I have but I would recommend wearing them to dress yourself up a bit more. I wore them to an bloggers event and to see Drake in Amsterdam ( yes guys I saw Bae, post coming soon) to help dress myself up a bit more as the lashes added a lot to my face. These lashes are so beautiful and they have a wide range. Go check out their Instagram guys. – Lumiere Lux 


  • L&R Collection

At the moment marble phonecases I feel is very popular and on trend. I was lucky enough to get sent one for my Iphone with my initials on the back (Yv) . I’m so in love with it. I’ve wanted one for some time now and I finally have one. One thing I love about the case is that they are so affordable and looking for one in the past I wasn’t able to find an affordable one. Go check them out on Instagram, so many different deigns and patterns available. – L&R Collection

  • Black Fluffy Bag- PrettyLittleThing

I ordered this bag from PrettyLittleThing and I am in love with it. Anything sparkly, fluffy I love and what’s better than a medium fluffy black bag. This bag has three departments within in it so you can fit a lot in. Also a few other compartments. It also comes with an attachable strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or hand held. I’m so happy with this purchase. –

  • Lipstick & Gloss

This is one of my favourite lipsticks and gloss. Duo stick which gives the same shade colour as my lips ( nude/pinky colour)  so when i’m just doing a natural look or i don’t have much on i can always either the lipstick or gloss. Such a good, affordable product from Primark.


  • Style & Directing PhotoShoot for Rose Collins Millinery

As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to be asked to style and assist direct my first photoshoot for Rose Collins Millinery. This was such a great opportunity for me and so much fun. I love putting pieces together and trying to capture looks and I got to do this on a professional level. Please go and check out her pieces which are all hand made by the way, honestly beautiful. – Rose Collins Millinery 

  • BlogConLDN- Scarlett London Events

I attended my first Bloggers Event. This was something I was extremely excited about. I attended #BlogConLDN with the gorgeous GlowUpNation on Saturday and we had a whale of a time. I would recommend for all bloggers to attend an event tailored to your niche or even other niches. This is a great way to network with other bloggers and businesses and to find inspiration.

  • Drake- BoyMeetsWorld Tour: Amsterdam

YES YES YES. I finally went and saw Drake Guys. I’m still so happy about it and it was last Tuesday lol. It was so last minute but i was not missing this tour after all i had been through. My spontaneous streak came back and i booked a flights and tickets 3 days before going. I attended with my friends and i had a whale of a time. I am planning on writing a blog post about it to show all the videos i took. I was so close i could basically touch him. SUPER FANNNNN!

Here are just a few of my March favourites. Let me know some products and moments which are memorable to you this past gone month.

With Love, Yv