What I’ve Learnt This Month! – March

Hey Guys, March is over and we are headed into a new month. Even though i was excited for this month, it didn’t turn out how i expected but that’s life. Below are just a few things i’ve learnt.


Dwelling on something for too long which can stop your flow.

This month hasn’t been the best again but better. I’ve experienced a  blockage when it comes to being creative and in my personal work life. Instead of moving forward and getting back in my grove I’ve dwelled on it , too much. What I’ve realised coming to the end of the month is that I shouldn’t let anything negative or things going bad in my life to effect what I’m currently doing. I need to stop dwelling on things because it just results to me being negative and not having any motivation to do anything. My flow has defiantly come to a hault this month. I’ve been feeling quite down and letting things get to me. Looking back on this month , there’s so many things I didn’t complete, opportunities I’ve missed out on because I’m in my feelings too much. Don’t let anything stop your flow because its only a temporary emotion or situation and regrets is something we don’t have to have.

Putting yourself out there

I believe finding opportunities for yourself is something everyone should do. I’ve talked about this in other posts but it really does work. This month I styled and assist directed my first photoshoot, covered an event, went to my first bloggers event and that’s all down to me doing my research and going out there to get these opportunities myself. The more effect you put into your craft or work the better results you will get. The feeling is amazing. Don’t get me wrong some people are lucky and all opportunities will fall in their lap but this isn’t the case for myself. Since I know that I’m not going to just sit and wait because like I always say you’ll be waiting forever and we don’t want that.

Loving yourself.

This is something I’ve been struggling with this year. I just feel ugly and feel fat to sum it up. I mean maybe I’m just having one of those months but I haven’t been loving myself. What I came to realise is that there’s more to looks to love myself. Yes I’m not feeling my best on the outside, but there’s so many great things about me to love. If you don’t fully love yourself, no one else will. This all boils down to self confidence and knowing your strengths. This is something which wont be identified overnight but take time to know yourself and love it.

Enforcing your skills

Were in a generation where you can turn any talent, hobby, interest into something which can be your career and earn you shhmoney ( the way I say money lately loool )  I’m someone who always say that my end career has to be something I’m happy doing, earning good money and this is something I could possible do for myself. List all the things you enjoy doing , your hobbies and interest and research what is currently out there. If you have an idea to do/start something. Do it. Start little by little because in this world anything is possible and I truly believe that. This is a topic which I have been talking about a lot lately with my friends trying to figure out what we can do in the future. For example I know I enjoy taking pictures, styling , planning and throwing events and motivating people. I can incorporate all of these interests and skills into things I can do on a long term basic and potentially ear me money. Just have a think because no one wants to do doing something long term which they don’t enjoy.

Making each day count



I couldn’t have said it better. The little factors is what impacts the major ones. Don’t waste time and just get to it. Just imagine how further in life you would be if you wasn’t lazy or wasted so many days. Try and plan your weeks ahead and stick to it so you can accomplish more which will only benefit yourself.

Let me know your thoughts and some things you’ve learnt this month.

With Love, Yv