I wanted to write this post as I want you all to remember that this is YOUR life and you should do what you want, that will make you happy. You can achieve whatever you want if you put in the hard work. Don’t think any dream is too big for you or that you can’t be something because people say so or put you down. You only get one life and you have to make it count. Believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. Believe you can reach your goals and dreams and you will. Putting positive energy and thoughts into the universe is so important and I really do believe it works. If your always negative , you’ll only ever get negativity back at you. Believe you are the best and be the best at everything you do. Don’t ever get pressured to do something which doesn’t make you happy or benefit you. I was someone who went to university for my parents and did what others wanted and just sat back and went along with life. I never thought I could achieve my dreams or do what I wanted but now i’m on the way there.I took time to evaluate what i want out of my life and what would make me happy. You have to do for yourself and want for your yourself. You will make it. Doing what you love and what makes you happy should be your number one goal. The journey to it will be more enjoyable as it’s what you want to do. Don’t get me wrong it will be hard and the road is not easy but it will be so worth it. Another thing is that you need to want it for yourself. That means doing your research, putting in the time and effect and going to all lengths to get your dreams and goals. It’s all good and well someone helping you and wanting for you but if you don’t want it for yourself you wont get it.

I just wanted to write this little post to make you guys remember that your happiness is the most important thing. Do what you want, do what makes you happy. This is something I repeat to myself daily because it’s my life and I want to enjoy it. Positivity is key and you need to try to stay positive about everything all the time.

Let me know some thing you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because of people putting you down, being negative or you have to do because something which doesn’t make you happy. Also let me know your dreams and goals.


With Love, Yv x