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I was lucky enough to be asked to style and assist direct my first photoshoot for Rose Collins Millinery. Rose is an entrepreneurs who hand makes hats for exquisite events such as weddings, ascots and more. These hats were all made by hand each with attention to detail. Rose reached out to me after seeing my blog and asked if I could help out with her new season of hats which she had made. This was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up on. I’ve always loved styling and putting pieces together to capture the best pictures possible. This was right up my ally and a challenge as I have never done this for hats is this niche. Coming up with the concept, she sent me pictures of the models and how she envisioned the shoot to go. On the day of the shoot , i worked with 3 models, two female, one male, one makeup artist and the photographer. I worked very closely with the makeup artist as she had her vision and what she wanted to do and I just worked with her to capture what the client wanted.

Below I have shared a few images from the shoot. This was an amazing opportunity for myself and something I really enjoyed. This is something I can defiantly see myself doing in the further for other designers and major businesses.



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If you ever need a stylist or director on a photoshoot or have a vision but don’t know how to capture it, I’m your girl. I have also started to blog for events. I have a few events coming up where I have been asked to cover the whole event. Blog about everything which goes on and how the night went. This gives a platform for myself and themselves as they will have something for their audience to look back on and see all the highlights from the night.

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