What I’ve Learnt This Month: February

Hey Guys, here’s another post of a few things i have learnt in February. This month flew by and i’m excited to be in March.

Finding Opportunities For Yourself 
This month has not really been a good one fore me to be honest. I haven’t really stuck to my weekly blogs and i have not really had motivation as I’ve felt like i’m not getting anywhere, work and blogging life. Finding opportunities for yourself and putting yourself out their for yourself or brand is so important. I’ve learnt that nothing is going to get handed to you. You have to put yourself out there which you can do in many ways. This could include always promoting your brand, website, YouTube whatever it may be to just get your name out their. This could be done through social media which is free and getting all your friends and family to do the same. The more people that sees and hears about you, the better. Going to relevant events and writing a review even if this is not arranged with the event as it’s only an review and gets you working the events to find content for your page. Putting yourself out on websites or leaflets is also another way. Yes this may cost money but it’s not just going to happen or the companies won’t do it for you as your not known yet. I just want people top start finding their own opportunities instead of waiting for them because otherwise you can wait a long time which i have been experiencing. Work wise finding what works best for you, maybe moving department or even speaking to your manager which can result to finding a better solution for you and them.
Appreciating Your Supporters. 
It’s so important to remember and thank all your supporters whether their just friends family or your followers and subscribers. These are the people/businesses which are willing to spread the word, help you promote, help with any ventures you may have. Theses are your back bone and we need to thank them. Also use these people for anything you need. First of all it’s free and that’s what their there for. Use what you have around you which can save you time and cost.
This is such an important factor to do and have the skills to do. No matter the amount, nothing is too small. Saving is essentials as you never know when you may need some emergency money. We’ve all been in that predicament when you wish you had savings and need money quick. This is when your saving comes into play. Even having it for your future. Try and make it a habit that whatever money you receive or what you get paid monthly/weekly you save something as it will only benefit you in the future.
Time management is so important as time waits for no one. I’ve always thought it’s a good plan to plan your day, week, month to get the best out of the time you’ve had. The worst is looking back and thinking “if i done that then i wouldn’t have to do this now” etc. Time is of the essence and we should take advance of it. Don’t let the day waste away because when you face all you have to do, you’ll look and think “where did time go”. Just to think we’ve entering the 3rd month of the year already and i can remember Christmas like it was yesterday lol. Time waits for no one, use it and abuse it.

These are just a few things I’ve learnt this month and wanted to share with you. Let me know your thoughts and some things you’ve learnt this month.
With Love , Yv x