Monday Motovation-Me, Myself & I

“Me, myself, and I,that’s all I got in the end
That’s what I found out
And it ain’t no need to cry; I took a vow that from now on
I’m gon’ my own best friend”- Beyoncé

Looking back I have realised that everything you do, you should do for yourself. The only person you should relie on, is yourself. Having faith in others or reling on them for something , when it doesn’t follow through we get disappointed , sometimes hurt depending on the situation and we tend to dwell on what has gone on. This is where we should stop. Don’t dwell on it , or take the “L” as some may say. We should be in a position where no matter if someone lets you down, you can do it by yourself. This could be a number of things. Last year I just felt as though there’s were many things I didn’t follow through on because either the other person couldn’t attend something with me so we cancelled plans or i wanted to do something and because no one wanted to do it with me, i didn’t do it. I sat back and thought about all the great fun adventurous things i missed out on whether it was their fault or mine . Ofcourse you can’t do everything by yourself but there is plenty that you can. Moving forward i have decided that anything i want to do i should do it whether it’s by myself or not because that’s what i want to do.

My message to all of you guys is that having your own independence and your own back is so important. This helps with doing things by yourself. When you can’t do something, your missing out on experiences and growth. You came into this life by yourself (unless your a twin lol) , enjoy and experience it for yourself.

Let me know some things you have done by yourself, may it be travelling, concerts, new restaurants, anything, I want to know.

Happy Monday!

With Love, Yv