Young Black Entrepreneurs: 5

Hey Guys, this week is dedicated to the BOYS. We have features from entrepreneurs in the fashion/clothing industry, a blogger and and team which started up an events business  throwing the best parties & going international.


“TrueVie stands for ‘True Life, Real Life’. ‘Vie’ in French means Life. 

It’s a brand that stemmed from simply learning about life as a whole… The slogan is


In life, it’s about opening up your mind and realising that you only live once. You only get one shot in life so you’ve got to appreciate it and make the most of it now, before it’s too late. 
I got inspired to do this due to the fact i have had people around me who have lost  that one chance in life. I’ve been in a situation where I was so close to losing that one chance and it just made me value life so much more because you don’t know when your time is up. 

You have one chance in life so make it count!”


Twitter: True_Vie
Instagram: TrueVie



Prince Joel Obode

“My name is Prince and I’m a 22 year old Economics and Finance Graduate. I am currently a Postgraduate student studying at Loughborough University. I believe there is more to life than academic and career development/achievements. I also believe there are a lot of things we should have learnt in school but never did and personal development is one of those things. Personal development is something I’m passionate about. It something I became almost obsessed with when my Dad bought me my first book, The Slight Edge, to read when I was 16. Since then I’ve read a lot of life changing self-development books. I feel that reading and taking out time to develop yourself is very important. Most of the principles and life lessons in these books are just too important not to know or adopt.

I set this blog up in hope that I can help people develop/find themselves and better their lives. I have tried to make the site interactive and practical by adding downloadable and printable worksheets where possible. The only thing I want from you know is to dedicate a time and day to not only read this blog but to download, print and work through the worksheets. It could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it doesn’t matter; just take out time to work on yourself, your dreams and your goals. We can all be happy and successful. I feel it’s my life purpose to not only help people reach their potential but to make a difference in this world. Well, this is my first step. I really hope this proves helpful to you all.”

Twitter: @princejo_
Instagram: @princejoelo


“Just a group of friends attending nightclub events in our first year of university. We felt we could add more to the experience by allowing people to be comfortable and let loose, which birthed the beginning of ‘No Manners’. We got together, brainstormed ideas of how we could execute our own event, jotted down all the things we’ve enjoyed previously from other events and added our own USP’s, then threw a free drink-up supplying all the alcohol and to our surprise it exceeded expectations reaching full capacity within the first hour. From there we threw our first club event in the following freshers week and never looked back. Ever since we’ve thrown events nearly ever term reaching capacities of 2000 people, creating other brands underneath ‘NM Ents’ and also taking ‘ No Manners’ abroad to party island Aiya Napa! We don’t plan to stop there, with future plans we once only could dream of! “

Twitter: NM_Ents
Facebook: NM Ents


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