What I’ve Learnt This Month: January!

Hey Guys, here’s a few things I’ve learnt in the month of January and what i want to continue in the future.

Doing What You Want To Do

This year I really want to be adventurous and do what I want to do. There were so many times last year that I just went with the flow and did what everyone else wanted to do or i compromised on what I wanted to do. I want to start treating myself each month as I believe if you work hard for your money, you should treat yourself and enjoy it. This could be buying yourself something nice which you’ve wanted for some time, booking a holiday or trying out new restaurants and experiencing new things. This month I was lucky enough to have a weekend break away in the Netherlands, I was in Amsterdam. Last minute my friend dropped out so I travelled out here by myself and stayed in a hotel by myself. I honestly had the best time ( I do wish my friend was with me though). I did have friends who was already out there who I spent the holiday with and we had a whale of a time (whale of a time is my favourite phase lol). Normally if my friends are unable to attend something and it’s only the two of us I would have not attended too but nothing was stopping me. This is something I’m trying to do a lot this year, enjoying life and experiencing new things whether it’s by myself or with those that would like to join me. Don’t relie on people, relie on yourself and enjoy.


This is a major point everyone should take note of. Procrastination is such a negative act and something we all do. It stops us getting on with things and growing as a person. There’s so many things we could have done which we haven’t because we couldn’t be bother or “you’ll do it tomorrow “ and tomorrow never comes. We may delay things such as assignments, booking a doctors appointment and saying your going to do something now and you don’t. This is just a word I don’t want in my life anymore. I’ve been trying my best and I feel as though I haven’t done much of this so far. ( hopefully it stays this way.)  Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my lazy days where procrastination has taken over but I’ve picked myself back up and tried to avoid time wasting as much as possible. Procrastination is time wasting and time waits for no one.

Meeting New People

Since starting my blog, I’ve been in constant relations  with new people who I’ve never surrounded myself with prior. I’ve been working a lot with other entrepreneurs and been seeing how other people are , what inspires them and their drive and work ethic. This has inspired me so much and made me look at certain things in a different light. I consider myself such a sociable person but I never really have time to socialise. Since I’ve started my blog I’ve had to put myself out there more and now my sociable skills have really kicked in. Meeting new people gives you a insights into things you may of never come across before. You can learn and experience so much and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do this year.


Let me know some things you learnt and experienced in January, I would love to know.

With Love, Yv