Young Black Entrepreneurs: 4

This weeks article features young black entrepreneurs from the fashion industry including clothes and footwear and a brand new Barbering App. Go check them out.


“I first fell in love with fashion at the age of 9. I remember during church one Sunday creating a magazine with one of my friends at the time. The magazine consisted of sketches of clothes that i dreamt i would sell in the future. Ever since then, i haven’t stopped being interested in fashion design. The Brand ‘Dirah’ started whilst in my final year at university. I want to continue making clothes to sell later on this year.”

Twitter: @DirahOfficial


“TRIM-IT is an award winning upcoming barbering App, bringing convenience and saving you time waiting in long barber queues through their live appointments booking system. TRIM-IT also rewards your loyalty with amazing freebies and money off your haircuts. It can also help you locate the best barbers who fits your needs exactly in terms of price, distance and working hours. Just imagine a ‘JustEat’ for barbers where you can book appointments on the app and get amazing rewards like free food, promotional offers and money of your haircuts.

“There is a need for organisation in barbershop, there’s so much culture and potential in there, imagine what a little technology could do to drive that industry in the right direction.”

I’ve struggled a lot in life, I feel like I’ve been caged in, even though I’m a free man I feel like I’m in jail, it’s just a bit weird lol but with TRIM-IT my mind can wonder about the possibilities, it’s essentially my jail free card. I can put my mind and heart into it and see results straight away it’s a beautiful thing. I love what I do at TRIM-IT so eventually when I quit my job, that’s the last job I’ll ever have because I could never call something I love so much a job. I’ll keep going until I can give my friends and family a taste of the sweeter things in life.”

Twitter: trimit_app
Instagram: trimit_app
Facebook: TRIM-IT

I started PLGDesigns simply because of the love for trainers and the appreciation for fashion colours, art and the desire to create. 
“PlgDesigns is a service that provides individuals with their own custom designed trainer or footwear as well as clothing and artwork. The purpose of creating customised footwear is to give people the chance to be unique and walk in their own expression. Every custom design is different and has its own inspiration behind it. All custom designs are hand painted and durability and quality is ensured.” 
Instagram: PLGDesigns
Facebook: PLGDesigns
Twitter: @PLGDesigns
SnapChat: PLGDesigns
Email: (for personal enquiries and information) 

Let me know your favourite entrepreneurs.

With Love, Yv