Young Black Entrepreneurs:3

This week we celebrate entrepreneurs in the wig making industry, YouTubers, Bloggers and Athletics.

Laid By Likah
“I started up my business ‘Laid By Likah’ because i enjoy doing hair and it’s something that I’ve taught myself and I’ve crafted my expertise. I noticed that a lot of businesses in the wig making industry were charging a lot of money for a unit and i saw a gap in the market for more affordable units that still maintain a high quality. ‘Laid By Likah’ prides itself on high quality wigs, provision of luxurious grade AAA hair and fast creation of every unit.”
Instagram: LaidbyLikah_GB 

The Classic Manny
“I’m Manny also known as THE CLASSIC MANNY and i’m a 20 year old YouTuber, Content Creator and Blogger who is passionate about everything to do with creatives. I officially began my journey as a YouTuber on April 23rd 2016 and i am so humbled by how far it has come in just under a year.
The aim of my channel is to showcase who i am in terms of my passions and my personality. In addition to this, to be able to inspire and entertain my subscribers/supporters whether it it through my fashion videos, story-times, vlogs, #TCMTALKS segments etc. I hope to use YouTube and blogging as a platform to build an empire over the next few years.
Prior to becoming a YouTuber, I had always been a fan of YouTube and I still am to this day. What inspired me was seeing how people had use this platform to share their life, their passions (whether it was gaming, makeup, vlogging,singing etc.) as well as their growth as individuals/entrepreneurs. Some of the many YouTubers i would say have inspired me are Patricia Bright, Shirley B Eniang and Lotoya Forever. 
My motto which I end every video with is ‘Do you & be unapologetic’- I chose this so i could remind myself and my subscribers/supporters that their is no other better version of you out there than yourself.”
Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: theclassicmanny

“YoungAthleteTv began through the involvement in athletics, as i am an athlete. Young Athlete Tv is a platform in which users can connect, learn and interact with both the top in the country as well as those developing. The platform is still in the growing process however it will contain documentaries, features, interviews,  seminars and a platform for people to come together and feel empowered whether a professional or an amateur.
 I began looking at broader prospects within sports, diving into sports modelling and branding. In the involvement in this i began understanding the difficulties in attaining relevant connections and links for people who might otherwise be in a lesser position than me so i decided to think, why not make a platform in where i can provide specific relevant information to a range of people. My aims within this was to make the sport as exclusive as possible, create a place where athletes and young individuals can interact with a balance of objectivity and finally to be able to reach out, create opportunities and to inspire people.
A second brand which i represent is ‘Noir Visuals’. This is a photography and videography brand in where i manage events from the photography side of things to the videography in where i direct, shoot and personally produce content to help the client. This began as a hobby where i just began making YouTube videos and having a side interest with photography i came across an opportunity to direct and shoot a teaser for the BigClash.  From this ,other openings were created where i was the official photographer for Events such as Deuces’2016 and BxB365 and also videographer other similar projects including balls etc.”
Twitter: Mr200m_
Instagram: Mr200m_
Snapchat : Negrodelrey
YouTube : Mr200m_
Portfolio For Photography:

 Let me know some of your favourite young black entrepreneurs.
With Love, Yv