Young Black Entrepreneurs: 2

Hey Guys , i’m back with this weeks article showing off some other young black entrepreneurs and their businesses. I want you all to go and check them out and show support. We have a mixture of beauty, presenting, inspiration and design.

Sooks Beauty

“Sooks Beauty is a luxury beauty service that offers bespoke cosmetics services, particularly specialising in semi permanent mink lash extension. I was inspired by my mum and sister, but it all began when i got into university and noticed an gap in the market where no one else offered the service i offered, and that’s were Sooks Beauty began, Growing initially from word of mouth, i now manage two social media platforms. The best part is i work for entirely for myself, i meet inspiring clients everyday and i plan on rowing and taking my little project to grater heights.” 

Twitter: @SooksBeauty
Instagram: @SooksBeauty

The Connection

“The Connection is a group which was created through observation and experiences of negativity – there is a lack of positivity within our society which needs to be dealt with! My personal experience involved me being depressed and God taking me out of the darkness and it is something which I am always grateful for! The Connection is a way of helping people out of their negative experiences and just pushing them to adapt a positive mindset that can change someone’s perspective in ways they have never imagined. We are able to spread positivity through our various platforms, which include our events, website and our podcast, Speak Up. Our aim is to help as many people as possible and promote positivity throughout our local communities and eventually on an international level in the future by God’s grace.”

Twitter:  – Founder of The Connection
Twitter – The Connection Twitter
Instagram: theconnectionldn


TDKDesigns specialise in unique graphic designs. We provide logos, Snapchat filters, song and album artwork, banners, flyers and more at an affordable price. We offer several bundle deals for students, and aim to provide creative designs to start your business music career etc..

I’ve always known how to use the software and enjoyed doing so , but i was really inspired when a friend of mine suggested i make a cover for his song. I wasn’t sure at the time because i hadn’t done it before, but he ensured i could do it. I tried it out and learnt that he was right and i was pleased it turnt out great. That day i decided i’m going to start a business.I wasn’t exactly sure what to except especially because i wasn’t an expert but i went on and it and the turnout was amazing !! If there is a craft you love or you think your’e talented in, turn it into a business.. Because its fun doing something you love, but even greater when you can get paid for it.

Twitter : @toluDk
Go Check out her blog :

Topics With The Twins

“Tights&Kay are twin presenters in the progression of one day becoming TV presenters. Tights&Kay have worked on gaining a solid representation in the scene of UK talent and continue to advance in their ability of becoming TV Presenters. Their presenting style is crazy, fun, approachable and loving which gives the right knowledge to what works in the world of TV and Presenting.”

Twitter: @TightsAndKay
YouTube: Topics With The Twins

Let me know of some young entrepreneurs so we can celebrate hem too.

With Love, Yv