The Beauty Of Reflection

The beauty of reflection is that it is a tool which can only help you and lead you to the right path. It will give you the most honest and clear guidance you will ever have which will help better and grow as a person. While reflection might feel like a a repetition of situations and unanswered results , it’s actually an active process during which you improve your life and encourage personal growth by reviewing parts of your day or your life.

We tend to focus on the negative aspects which happened and why we can’t wait for the new year. As the saying goes, “new year, new me “.  Instead of  focusing on the negatives. we should look back through the year and think of all the great positive things that has happened. Everyone has something good to look back on. This could be graduating university, passing your driving test, getting a job or even theory test or an exam .Whether big or small it’s something which made you happy and you had to work towards. We need to analysis how we accomplished the good and the work we put into achieving them and try and apply this to all situations. This is what we need to take with us into the new year. All the negatives are just learning curves. We need to reflect on the aspects of the year which we were unhappy with, try and change the journey to that negative point so the result can be positive. I know in this year I said a lot more than I done and procrastination was a word which was attached to me alot. I had a lot planned and hoped to do much more than I actually did and the only persons fault it was, was mine! As I’ve reflected, I’ve analysed my journey to my bad results and compared to my happy situations and i know what i was doing wrong. This just motivates me and makes me highlight when i did put my mind to something it was accomplished because i worked hard for it and stayed consistent until i got the results i wanted. This lets me know that some of my unaccomplished goals, targets and dreams just needed as much effect and consistency and i would have done it. By reflecting , you can learn, analysis and achieve.

Take time to reflect as your only helping yourself become a better version.

With Love , Yv