My Current Skin Care Products

Looking after your skin is so important ladies and having the right products which suit your skin is important too. The amount of time and effort you would spend ‘beating’ your face and researching new make up products is the same time and effort you should spend with keeping your skin looking glowy. We don’t just want our faces to look good with makeup but also without. The number one best thing for skin is lots of water. Try and drink about 2 litres of water a day and you’ll definalty see a difference. Today I have listed a few products which i have been using on my face now religiously which suit my skin type. Let me know your favourite products and what works best for you.


Facial Scrubs


  • Simple- Clear Skin- Oil Balancing Facial Scrub 
    Superdrug £3.99 , 75ml (Special Offer £1.95)

This Product i use about 3 times a week. It comes in a thin creamy form with mini exfoliating beads in it. I damp my face scrub with warm water and massage the product into my face in circular motion. I leave it on though my shower and wash it off at the end. Its great for removing dead skin and exfoliating the face.  

  • Clean & Clear- Morning Energy- Shine Control Daily Facial Scrub
    Superdrug £4.24, 150ml (Special Offer £3.00)

This is a product i believe it does what it says on the package. It is meant to help with the levels of oils in your skin and have a shine free look all day. This product definitely does that.I use it every morning with my face scrub exfoliating it into my face as it removes dirt, oil and impurities .


Toner & Cleansers


  • Nivea- Purifying Toner
    Superdrug. £3.59, 200ml, (Special offer £1.75)

I use this product with a a cotton pad to toner my face with helps with my blemishes. Use 3 times a week.

  • Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water
    Superdrug, £1.99, 125ml, (Special Offer £1.00)

I use this cleansing water in replacement for makeup wipes. It takes off your makeup really well using a cotton pad and cleanses as well. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clear. 

  • Clean & Clear- Deep Cleansing Lotion
    Superdrug, £3.19, 200ml

This is my favourite cleansing lotion. I use his most mornings and evenings with a cotton pad to cleanse my face and it removes oil, dirt and grease from your face.This cleanser really helps prevent spots &brightens up my face. I would definitely recommend.


Let me know your favourite skin care products and what works best for you.

With Love, Yv