Young Black Entrepreneurs


Hey Guys, I’ve decided to do a series of articles once a week, celebrating other young black entrepreneurs doing their thangg. So many of us are starting up businesses of our own and following our dreams and passion and making money whilst doing it, and i think we should start celebrating and supporting  each other. I am someone who gets inspired and motivated by seeing others doing great things.This is something out of their education or day to day job.I wanted to share some young black entrepreneurs,their businesses and what inspired them. This is what we should be seeing and celebrating, as its not something everyone is doing. Please go and check these guys out, follow, share and see what they are up to.

Glow Up Nation

“Glow Up Nation raises awareness of health, fitness, self- love and self-maintenance.I have found confidence, happiness, a deeper self-worth and growth and of course made my body my life’s everlasting project. I have found a love in bettering myself and guys i promise you the process so beautifully healing. The Glow Up blog consists of articles on different parts of my journey and highs, lows, different diets i tried and reviews of workouts i have tried. It is there to encourage transformations, promoting physical change as we aim to show people that weight loss can actually happen, it is actually possible “

Go Check Out her blog:
Instagram: @glowupnation

Under The Influence 

“Under The Influence is a new web series where we get a group of boys and girls and we talk about current topics! Whether it be topics about society, relationships or education, we bring you live discussions and make it fun for the youths of today. 

What influenced us to do this is being at university, we always had a big group of people around us and we would always end up getting in the deepest of conversations and discussions for hours and hours, then one day we decided that this stuff had to be recorded and put out for people to see & in a world where the youth of today are often misinterpreted and misjudged. Under The Influence is trying to bring a platform where young people can express themselves and be free.”

YouTube: Under The Influence
Twitter: @UTInfluence_
Facebook: @UTnfluenceUK
SnapChat: @UTInfluence_


“Hey there, my name is Danielle Frimpong. I am a self taught freelance makeup artist, and i also work at MAC Cosmetics. The ability to do makeup on others, has been a wonderful God given talent, tracing back to the tender age of 17.

I initially started up my own freelance business, because i had a passion for doing makeup on others. I felt so content and uplifted each time i beat a face. However, since i re-dedicated my life back to Christ 2 years ago, it is now my ministry, and i am using it to glorify God, by positively impacting the lives of women.

My business is a platform to encourage women to know that true beauty is skin deep, and is found from within. I want women to understand that makeup is a tool that should be used to enhance their features. Yes of course, makeup makes us look and feel even more beautiful; but i want women to take off their makeup at the end of the day, and still know and feel that they are just as beautiful, because God has said that they are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalms 139:14)”

Instagram: Daniellefmua


Let me know some young entrepreneurs so we can celebrate them too.

With Love, Yv