Don’t Sleep On Your Dreams!

Today i was thinking about the part of the brain which stores all our hopes and dreams and how we should try and  activate that part of the brain all the time. Now this is a hard thing to do. To make our dreams come true, we must activate the power of the subconscious mind. This is a part of the mind where all our dreams, goals, behaviour and hopes are stored. This is where we plan, prepare and imagine our dreams  on how we can make them come true. After thinking of them we start to doubt our self and find excuses on why you can’t achieve them , or you may think about how much time and effect it will take you to make your dream a reality and then this part of the mind shuts down. You may really want to do it , but will you do it? You may really want it , but are you willing to do anything to go and get it? Will you take the correct actions to make all your dreams come true? The answer is in you!!! The subconscious mind is the master power to make it happen. If you think of your dreams, hopes and goals over and over again, the repetition of the idea becomes a powerful thing, of which taps into your subconscious mind and makes things happen. Constantly thinking about it, in time you are bound to make it happen as you start to realise that this is something your tried of just thinking about and its time to do something about it. This is when action will start to take place.Plant that dream into your mind. Once that is done and your constantly thinking about it use visualisation and action
to break through. Use this great power that’s within you and make those dreams , hopes and goals come true. 

The power is in you!

With Love, Yv