Are You Really Happy?

Definition: “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”

When this question is asked , “Are you really happy?“your first response will be a quick yes, but are you really?
Happy with yourself?
Happy with your life?
Happy with the company you keep?

Real happiness is something which comes from within, which you are content with. Being on a path in life which you are happy to be on. Surrounding yourself with people that can add to your happiness you have yourself. Other people shouldn’t be the providers of your happiness. Having positive ambitious people around, will allow your own happiness to expand and thrive. Before becoming happy with yourself completely, you need to make sure that all aspects of your life, you are happy and content with. This includes loving yourself with all flaws, being content with the position you are in at life,  financially, your job , your education, whatever it may be. Put yourself in a position where you are the number one provider of your own happiness and everything else around you are just your accessories.
Find your real happiness.

With Love, Yv

“Real happiness comes from inside. Nobody can give it to you” – Sharon Stone